Greatest Summer Camp in the Netherlands

Summer Camps

Individual Camps

We will be organizing our own individual Summer Camps again in 2023. Full of activities, adventure, fun and chilling out with lots of new friends! There are different age groups.
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For Groups

This is the right place to organize a Summer Camp for your group, quickly and easily. It is the ideal location for any children’s group. Activities and meals included for only € 28.50 p.p.p.n.
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The use of facilities is included in the price.

There is a lot to do here!

Are you looking for a location for a summer camp for your youth association, community center or children’s group? Then you’ve come to the right place, because a summer camp is quickly organized at Summercamp Heino. The overnight price includes the use of our facilities such as cinema, disco, swimming pool, etc. You also don’t have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes yourself, a stay is always based on full board. During the summer holidays we even offer extra activities for all groups. Such as a bingo, Food festival, beach party etc. See below for more information.

Organized summer camps

During the summer holidays, Summercamp Heino and our partners organize various summer camps. See below for more information.