Group houses

In many shapes and sizes

Throughout the park there are different types of group houses of different sizes. There are houses for 18 to 64 people. Altogether, over 1000 people can stay overnight at the park at the same time.

Each group home is provided with:

  • Beds with pillow on each bed
  • Beds made with linen in the 2-bedded rooms
  • Tables and chairs
  • Showers
  • Toilets with toiletpaper
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle
  • Drinking glasses
  • Supplies for cleaning such as a vacuum cleaner, broom,  bucket,  cloths etc.

Location on the park

Different types of houses

House type A.

50 beds

9 rooms

10 type A houses

Activities included

Such as swimming pool, sports hall, miniature golf and cinema

Eating, but no dishes

Come to the restaurant 3x a day for a tasty buffet

How does it look?

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