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Going to camp with your class: it offers students as well as teachers an unforgettable experience!

Summercamp Heino is perfect for organising your school camp. All our prices include the use of our facilities such as the cinema, swimming pool, disco, sports field, miniature golf, etc. In addition, there is no need to worry about cooking or dish washing as we serve the meals in the restaurant.

Tell us your wishes, we can make you an offer!

In our prices below, the use of facilities like swimming pool, cinema, sports hall etc. is included. Additional costs may be incurred when you decide to book outdoor facilities like the Challenge Run or teambuilding. Excursion programs are also possible. For example we can arrange an excursion to Amsterdam with Canal Cruise or visit Amusementpark Slagharen.

Activities included

Such as swimming pool, sports hall, miniature golf and cinema

Your own group house

Each separate group has their own group house(s)

Eating, but no dishes

Come to the restaurant 3x a day for a tasty buffet

Price List 2021


Overnight stay incl. breakfast
€ 19,00 p.p. (18:00 – 10:00)

Half day incl. lunch
€ 4,75 p.p. (10:00 – 14:00)

Half day incl. dinner
€ 9,50 p.p. (14:00 – 18:00)

Extra options

Duvet package incl. sheets (optional)
€ 10.00 per package

Duvet only
€ 5.00 per duvet

Bed linen package only
€ 5.00 per package


Tourist tax
€ 1.05 per person, per night

Weekend surcharge
€ 2.50 per person, night

Obligatory Start rate
€ 6.30 p.p. (regardless of the number of nights)

Reservation costs
€ 12.50 per group

* Discount:
– Stay Monday – Wednesday: € 2 per person. With the exception of 10 to 12 May.
– Low season discount October: € 2 per person.

All day parts include the use of the facilities such as swimming pool, cinema, disco, sports hall, etc. and include a meal. You can decide for yourself whether or not to use this, but no refund will be given.

Days in between
You always pay for all parts of the day on intermediate days. Which parts of the day you pay on the first and last day depends on your arrival and departure time, which must fall within the above-mentioned half-day times. If you deviate from this, you automatically pay an extra part of the day.

For day guests and visitors, the prices mentioned opposite can be used per half day. They are therefore allowed to use the facilities.

Dinner first day
To enjoy dinner on the first day, you must arrive before 18:00. If you arrive after 6 p.m., you only pay for an overnight stay with breakfast that day.

Calculation example

During the week:
Wednesday 11 am to Friday 10 am: € 72.80 + € 2.10 p.p.
(2×19.00, 2×4.75, 2×9.50, 1×6.30 + tourist tax)

Weekend: Friday evening from 6 p.m. to Sunday 2 p.m.: € 68.30 + € 2.10 p.p.
(2×19.00, 2×4.75, 1×9.50, 2×2.50, 1×6.30 + tourist tax)