Packing list

What should you bring with you when you go to camp?

Maybe you’ve been to summer camp before, or maybe you’re going for the first time. Packing your bag with things often remains a difficult task. What do you take with you and especially: what not? Are you bringing your reading book? How many pairs of socks? And what should you really not forget? Fortunately, we already have a bit more experience with drawing up a packing list for summer camp. We are happy to share these with you!

The ultimate packing list

You can tick off each item below once you’ve packed it!


Daily clothing
You need some items on a daily basis. So take enough of this with you. As a guideline you can keep about 1 item of clothing per camp day.

T-shirts with short and long sleeves

Multi-day clothing
You can take a little longer with other items of clothing. 1 or a few items of clothing are sufficient for the entire camp week. Think about:

Long pants
Sweater and / or cardigan
Dress and / or dress (optional)

Sportswear is very nice to wear during the active parts, such as the outdoor activities. In addition, the summer camp has a sports hall and sports field where you can enjoy football, volleyball, basketball or other sports.

T-shirts and / or tops
Sports shorts (short and / or long)
Sports socks
Sports bra (optional)

Very important, because we are going to swim in the pool as well as in our lake near the beach.

Bikini, bathing suit or swimming trunks
Beach towel>
Bathing cap (optional)
Earplugs against water (if necessary)
Swimming-bladders (if needed)

Rain gear
Hopefully not necessary, but you never know! Rainwear is something you easily forget because you simply don’t take it into account. Therefore do not forget!

A good raincoat
Rain pants (possibly)

Of course you bring your best summer slippers. We hope for nice summer weather and it is also nice to wear slippers before and after swimming. In addition to slippers, you also need to bring sturdy shoes. This is mandatory when doing outdoor activities. Because you never know for sure with the Dutch weather, you could also bring rain boots. This is of course not mandatory.

Flip flops
Sturdy shoes
Rain boots
Sandals (possibly)

Personal care

Personal care
Spare towel
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Mouthwash (if needed)
Shampoo and shower gel
Brush and / or comb
(Night) bracket (if necessary)
Gel and / or Hairspray (if needed)
Hair ties (if needed)
Body lotion (if needed)
Mosquito repellent
Sanitary towels and / or tampons (if needed)
Deodorant (if needed)

Sun protection
Very important, actually for everyone. We hope for a lot of sun and then we will go to the beach. Then good sun protection is really a must to have with you.

Sunscreen and aftersun
Sun visor
Hat to the sun
Shawl (possibly)

Possibly medication
Let us know in advance which medication you are using and do not forget to bring it with you. Put them in a separate bag or box and hand them in to the guide upon arrival. This way you can be sure that they are kept safely.

Also handy!

Sleeping stuff
This of course speaks for itself. To be able to sleep well you need nice sleeping stuff.

Pajamas, sleep shirt or sleeping dress
Fitted sheet
Sleeping bag and / or blanket
Duvet cover (optional)
Sleeping mask (if necessary)
Earplugs (if needed)

A backpack and / or bag
In addition to your large bag or suitcase, also take a smaller backpack with you, for when we go out during the day. That way you don’t have to carry a huge bag with you. (Unless, of course, you plan to do a lot of shopping).

A drinking bottle
Whether we go to the beach, or visit Dinoland or Slagharen: your own drinking bottle is always handy to have with you. Of course you also get drinks from us.

Favorite stuffed animal
Perhaps most important: Feel free to bring your favorite cuddly toy with you during the summer camp and give Fluffie, Snoetie, Piglet, Woezel or Fluffy an unforgettable summer holiday!

(Copy of) ID and health insurance card
You probably don’t need both. Still, they are required to bring just in case.

Hopefully we have helped you on your way with this packing list.
If you are looking for more inspiration, you can always contact us.
See you soon everyone!