Various programs packed with action and adventure. Ideal for team building!

Challenge Run

The Challenge Run offers a variety of physical​ and mental challenges. It's not just about running and climbing. Participants have to work together in groups to get as many points as possible. â€‹They will learn to follow instructions, given by their teammates. They will also learn about handling modern equipment, such as new GPS systems.


Specially trained instructors and employees will keep all the participants safe while doing the challenges. All the equipment are safe and secured by safety systems. There are no obligations: everyone can decide for themselves if they want to participate or not.
    Adventure track
Adventure parcours   The Adventure track contains 14 obstacles, five meters high above the ground. The participants have helmets and are safely secured to the expoglider system while following the track.
    Walking A
Lopende A   The goal of this game is getting the 'walking' A from one point to another. One person is standing in the middle of the A and cannot touch the ground. The other team members have to stay at least 1,5 meters away from the A. Also the ropes may not touch the ground.
    Raft building
Vlotbouwen   Raft building is a creative and active game. Creating a sturdy raft together with your teammates. After the raft is build, you have to try to get across the water without getting wett. Who will reach the other side the fastest?
    Blowpipe shooting
Blaaspijpschieten   After a brief instruction, you can try the blowpipe. You can practice a few times, but then it's time to get serious! Will you hit the bullseye and win the stamp?
Kanotocht   The participants will hunt for letters hidden in the water, with the help of a treasure map, while sailing a canoe. The hidden letters make a word, can you find it?
Bungeerun   Try to stick the cushen as far as possible! This is not easy, because of the elastic band around your hips. Run as fast as you can!
handboogschieten   Try to shoot the target using the bow and arrows. Focus, be calm and control your breathing. Before you shoot you will get a short instruction on how to handle the bow and arrows.
jacobsladder   Climb the Jacobsladder together with 3 teammates. The goal is to reach the top and sit on the board. The team members are aloud to help each other out, but may not touch the ropes.
aquaroller   3 or 4 participants try to move the roll on the water. Balance is key. This challenge is also fun to watch!
    Crate stack
kratstapelen   Every team has to pile crates on top of each other. The higher, the better! One team member will be on top of the crates while piling them. He or she will be safely secured.
    Climbing tower
klimtoren   The climbing tower is six meters tall and has multiple climbing tracks. Each track has a different degree of difficulty. Participants can earn stamps by climbing a track and will be safely secured.
    Boulder wall
boulderwand   The Boulder wall can be a real challenge. Try to follow one collor when climbing the wall of try to climb sideways while being blindfolded.
    Tire game
bandenspel   Get from tire to tire to get to the other side. Keep your head in the game, because you will need it!
bikestepper   It's not a bike and it's not a step. Push yourself forward by using the wooden peddals on our Bikestepper with seven gears! Make sure you are the fastest, so you'll win a stamp.
    Zorb Track
Zorb Parcours   A Zorb is an inflatable ball with a hole to get inside. You will be safely secured with seatbelts. Only one person can play at once. He or she is rolled across the track by his or her teammates.
gps labyrinth   You will find the next challenge and your way out of the Labyrinth, by choosing the right Waypoints on the GPS-receiver.
    Tube race
  Sail the water with only an inner tire from a truck and a peddle. After one round you deserve a stamp!
    Twist Ladder
Twist ladder   Climb the rope ladder and reach the top! Easier said than done, because the rope is constantly spinning around...
spinnenweb   Climb through the spiderweb yourself, or let your teammates carry you.
    Crossing water
wateroversteken   Try your best to reach the other side of the river without letting your feet get wet. This is easier said than done with five crossing points!
    Walkie-talkie tour
portofoontocht   Two members of the team sit in the command post with questions. The other team members have to look for the answers in the field. This game is about communication and trust.
    Crate walk
kistenloop   Do not touch the ground while getting to the other side of the track. Place the crates in front of each other and stand on them. Who will get there first?
cross-over   Move the water from one place to the other. Lean on each other and hold your balance while standing on two beams.
    Compas run
kompasloop   Find the right locations using a compass and a description. Make the assignments at the right locations.
    The Hanoi towers
    Move the tower, made of boxes, from the first to the third place. Only small boxes can be placed on bigger boxes, not the other way around.
pamperjump   Climb a (five meter high) pole and reach the plank. Jump from the plank to the trapeze, if you dare!