Lost and found

Lost or forgotten something?‚Äč

We regularly find items at Summercamp Heino and wish to return these items to their rightful owners. In this section, you can find what you need to do should you have lost an item in our camp. If you have lost an item during your stay at our camp, please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. As soon as we find out whether we have found your item, we will be in contact with you.

In principle, all found items are registered by date of the find and location where they were found. Upon completion of registration, we will in the first instance try to locate the rightful owner.
Valuable items such as passports, ID cards and driving licenses (where we cannot reach the owner immediately) are brought to the lost items department of the Raalte Council (+31 572 347 799). The Raalte Council will then send the document back to the place where the document was issued.

Student cards or Bank cards will be sent (if an address is marked on the card) to the institution where the card was produced.
Found items with a value of less than EUR 450 will be kept by Summercamp Heino for a period of 3 months at no extra cost. After this period, the items will either be destroyed or donated to a good cause. Items found to have a value of more than EUR 450 will be sent to the department of lost items at the Raalte Council. The council of Raalte is by law required to keep the items for a period of 9 months.

Found items can be picked up at no extra cost at the Heino office. Items can also be sent to the owner but this service will incur costs (i.e. postage, packaging etc.)
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